Barbara D’Augelli

Barbara D'Augelli, Bassoon+Contrabasson

chair sponsored by an endowment from Connie Eccles

"I decided that I wanted to sponsor a musician in 2007 and chose the bassoon section.  CSU Chico graciously provided me with a framed photo of bassoonist Bruce Finch and me. It has been a pleasure to get acquainted with Mr. Finch and I always watch from the audience to see if he is playing in the concert. About 2013 I wanted to sponsor another [bassoonist]: Barbara D'Augelli. Barbara plays a number of instruments and we see each other at so many events we've progressed to the "hugging" stage. Sponsoring a musician personalizes the orchestra for me and I am enjoying the experience. I highly recommend that you consider sponsoring one!" - Connie Eccles, sponsor of Bruce Finch and Barbara D'Augelli