Sponsor an Orchestra Musician’s Chair

A Musician Chair Sponsorship is a direct way for you to connect your passion and your donation to a specific person in the North State Symphony. Chair Sponsors sometimes choose an instrument they particularly love, a player they know, or a chair recommended by North State Symphony staff. Student players, professional players, principal players, as well as guest artists and our guest conductors can all be selected for sponsorship if available.

A Chair Sponsorship is a very visible show of support as the donor's name appears next to the sponsored musician's name in concert programs as well as in other listings of symphony donors. This unique kind of sponsorship is an opportunity to get to know more about the North State Symphony, and to have a special connection with the musicians on stage during the concerts.

Sponsorship levels are $1,000 and $1,500 for professional musician chairs, and $500 for student musician chairs (student chairs are limited in number and not always available). Your sponsorship can be given as a gift all at once or as pledge payments made over several months.

For more information about sponsoring a musician’s chair, call 530-898-6132

Meet the musicians of the North State Symphony! Photos and bios are available here.

"We feel privileged to sponsor musicians. With our personal financial support, we can show our deep appreciation for their talent , acknowledge their dedication to their profession and, express gratitude for the incredible array of music they share with us." - Lee and Judy Salter, sponsor of Li-Yuan Ho

"Ian's awesome, and we just love him, because he can discuss the finer points of the differences of Chewbacca's performance in Star Wars Episodes 4-5-6 vs. 7. Brass typically puts me on edge, but his trumpet playing doesn't make me cringe....and he eats my bacon and pancakes...." - Sam and Samantha Hillaire, sponsor of Ian Cochran

"Music enriches our lives and feeds our souls. We sponsor so that those who have the talent and passion to perform, can continue to perform for those of us who cannot." - The Chance Whittley Foundation, sponsor of Tim Koop

"The best benefit of the North State Symphony is getting to know the musicians by hosting them in your home. Over the years, we have so enjoyed having David Thorp stay with us. Sponsoring a Musician Chair is a perfect way to honor him for his friendship and his contribution in making the North State Symphony into a wonderful orchestra." - Nancy Overton Marshall and Eric Marshall, sponsors of David Thorp