Paul DeSilva

Paul DeSilva, Trombone

Oregon House, CA
playing with NSS since 2001

What made you want to be a musician?

A trombone player was all I ever wanted to be. My mother said my father would rock my cradle with his foot and play his trombone. One might say nature or nurture. I would guess a little of both.

Favorite genre of music?

I love all genres of music that includes trombone, trombones and more trombones.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not rehearsing or performing?

Several years ago, I was playing alto trombone for the Mozart Requiem in Napa Valley. The tenor trombone player's primary job was with the San Francisco Opera. I mentioned to him that I would like to perform more often. His comment was, " you might want to live a little closer to a city." Since I enjoy the privacy and the wonder of living in the country, I spend my time counseling troubled teenagers and youth when I'm not practicing, rehearsing or performing.

What’s it like to perform onstage with an orchestra?

I love it! You practice, practice, practice your instrument and your part. You come to rehearsal prepared and ready to work hard. You listen and learn how your part, your individual sound, fits into the grand scheme of things. And then, you get to be there for a presentation of a great work of art. It's a privilege, for which I am grateful every time I am afforded the opportunity to do so.

Best advice you’ve ever received?